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Friday, November 24, 2017

Will have to bear the brunt of the war...

Monday, 09 January 2017 12:33
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This strong reaction from the most advanced tribes including mine, is a sign of the times and the proof of how much they really want to share spaces of powers. We have created history by a sixth year legal battle for the rights of Naga women ,walked the streets of our towns and today we stand on the threshold ,knocking on those doors.  But will our daughters, our younger generation do it, very few will have the guts and courage, the commitment and dream ,as you ,my dear dear comrades, the women leaders ,who walked the rocky path for the last many years. We are women who have shed tears for our dead brothers and sons, shielded them from bullets, fought and argued with armed men -both Naga and Indians to maintain peace, walked into high offices in distant cities and cried in front of authorities to listen to the voices of women and Mothers for peace .We stood united as women ,as a sisterhood, crossing boundaries of tribes ,and curses of many men ,including educated women ,to ensure a better space for Naga women. This morning as I reflect on the consequences of the past few months and days, I bless the magnamity of leaders who agreed to stand and protect our rights as citizens and still fighting for us this morning , trying to break through entrenched patriarchy ,that insults our intelligence, our very being of equal human rights. When will our people accept international codes and conventions of equality and development ,we are being dragged into the ancient past of our forefathers, into the deep dark past where we sat by the fireside and waited in fear and anxiety for the return of husbands and brothers and fathers and sons from battles.For a community who lived and thrived in the glories  of war, here we are again, women of the twenty first century, being abused, defamed, ridiculed, insulted by men who guard a set of power as their inherited right and not a seat to clean, sweep, beautify, check prices and rates of commodities in our crippled undeveloped towns. They have declared a war on us and for those of us who live within close knit societies and not in towns and cities, will have to bear the brunt of the war......

Rosemary Dzuvichu, Co convenor JACWR


  Nagas thinking capability reduced to 33% Without Indian Law Naga women can have leadership